Monday, 9 February 2009

Torino InfoPoint

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Our Proposal:


Void becomes the main constitutive element and the factor of coherence of the programme. It incorporates the activity of public space as an essential part of space. The programme is broken into programmatic fragments. The relationship of the parts is interpreted by the intervention of the void of the public space, through the unpredictable character of public activity.
These fragments can be moved and rearranged by the use of a portable crane: the configuration of the whole can be differentiated by time and by the needs of use. In this mode the public space that intermediates between the fragments becomes the main constitutive element of the pavilion.
The crane itself becomes an aesthetic and practical element of the project and also transmits the idea of a structure that is incomplete, that is ‘in process’ of transformation, that calls for the intervention of the users in the configuration of its parts.
The materials used are: Birch plywood and polycarbonate sheets (recyclable materials) for the lining, and iron plates for the structure. The sheets are adjusted into stripes that form a modular structure, flexible and adjustable to different situations, as well as easy to dismantle and move.
The horizontality of the pavilion gives significance to the activity and permits the view of the surrounding buildings and the important sites.
The construction of the pavilion can be kept at low cost, with a budget of 5.000 euros with the use of cheap and ‘easy to find’ materials.

01. WC and storage 02. Lounge area and multimedia 03. Info point and Information screen 04. Radio and equipment 05. Exhibition, Meeting room, Press

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