Friday, 27 March 2009

Competition for the Park of Europe, Nicosia, 2006

The Abduction of Europa by Zeus transformed into a bull is a theme in Greek mythology. Often adopted as a favourite theme in western art. In 2006 it was the theme of a competition in Nicosia, Cyprus, organized by the Municipality of Nicosia for the design of a park of Europe and an installation to be built into the park. We participated in coporetation with the architects: Dafne Kokkini, Katerina Lolou and Spiros Nasainas. We were finalists and were awarded a prize in the second stage.

'The Abduction of Europa', Rembrandt, 1632:

The model and the plan of the park with the installation:


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Art of Research, Exhibition, Lume Gallery, Helsinki

Maps, Diagrammes, Vocabularies and Folded Narratives. Exhibited at the 'Art of research' exhibition at the LUME Gallery, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, October 2007