Wednesday, 17 September 2008


‘IN CYPRUS RELAX…AS ARCHITECTS REINTERPRET’ is the theme of this year’s participation of Cyprus in the Venice Biennale. The theme, as set by sir Peter Cook, the curator of this year’s t participation, was quite intriguing in terms of the architect’s prejudices and the content of architecture itself. The theme was really asking for speculations, experimentations and interpretations of the architectural programme, the content of architecture, the role of the architect, the impact of all these to the users. Moreover, Cyprus is a tourist destination, a place which people visit in order to engage in relaxing activities. How the architect responds to that?
There were eight projects which were selected after a nationwide competition. Among them ours: the ‘PAPER MACHINES AND THE ROOFLESS GARDEN’.
From the several themes that were set by the curators (and which you can find at the website: we chose the ‘contemplation of the historic object’.

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